A literal wilderness to represent a metaphorical digital wilderness.

I'm James, a digital strategist and web developer. For the past 8 years I have been showing business how to leverage their digital assets in order to grow their revenue.

This year I have teamed up with the talented designer Soojee Ford to co-found the creative agency Last20. An digital agency focused on creating exceptional websites.

However, every creative need an outlet. A place for experimentation, side projects and ramblings of the mind. Out of the Woods is my outlet.

This my space to share the wisdom and knowledge I have gained over the years as a strategist and developer with the hopes of helping you on your journey Out of the Woods.

I also have a passion for side projects, so watch this space and follow me on my journey as I design, develop, and launch various digital products.

Right now

Collaborating with the talented Soojee Ford to bring Last20 to life.

Experimenting with launching my first digital product.

Work with me

Email me on james@outofthewoods.io