A literal wilderness to represent a metaphorical digital wilderness.

James Gidoomal

Web Developer, Designer, Digital Strategist, amateur photographer, rock climber.  When i'm not busy taking selfies in the forest with my fog machine, you can find me at my desk sipping coffee fervidly crafting new websites. 

Over the past 8 years I have build a lot of websites. I really love building websites, because a great website can provide a great freedom, be it freedom of expression, freedom of speech, or financial freedom, the web is a space for everyone. 

Currently living in Brisbane Berlin (“finding myself” 🙄)

Looking for website that is strategically designed to make your business money? 
Shoot me an email - james@outofthewoods.io

Already got designs? Need them coded right the first time without the headaches?
Again.. Shoot me an email - james@outofthewoods.io

Want to collaborate on a fun project?
You know the drill - james@outofthewoods.io